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Pluto progress report - February 2024

It’s time for another exciting update on Pluto, a new cutting-edge Web OS. Since the last progress report, we have been making a lot of progress on Pluto. I’m thrilled to share my advancements with you.

Image of Pluto being built Image of Pluto being built

Specifically, we have been working on processes and sandboxing. We am proud to say that Pluto is now able to sandbox different applications and allow them to securely communicate with each other. This is a huge step forward in the development of Pluto, as it is a key feature that will allow Pluto to be a secure and reliable platform for developers to build on.

REPL of Program communicating with the Kernel REPL of Program communicating with the Kernel

I have also been working on Pluto Developer: Learn, a platform that will allow developers to learn Pluto APIs and best practices. This will be a key resource for developers who are looking to build applications for Pluto. The plan for Pluto Developer is for it to be a portal where developers can submit their apps to the Pluto Package Registry.

As Pluto’s codebase expands with every passing day, I’ve begun to work on things other than code: documentation. Pluto just reached 1030 commits, and because we foresee the codebase growing significantly, we have also begun documenting some internal things. There is a chance that we will license parts of the codebase to others, and we want to make sure that it is well-documented and easy to understand.

what’s next

Throughout the next few months, we will continue working on the Kernel and the Program Runtime model. We will continue documenting through Developer Learn. We see a long road ahead for Pluto, but we are excited to continue working on it and to share our progress with you.

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push Pluto forward.

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