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Pluto progress report - October 2023

a lot of research is paying off this month.

Pluto, the next-gen Web OS, is coming along very nicely. Although it is still in the very early stages, I have made a lot of progress this month. Namely, I have worked on the kernel as well as compare and decide which Windows features to mimic.

The developer documentation is also being modernized, and I have begun to work on the Pluto Developer portal. This will be a center for where developers can submit their apps to the PPR (Pluto Package Registry). Pluto’s developer docs (Pluto Learn) will also be available on the portal.

Unfortunately, all this research has meant that I have not been able to actually code much of Pluto. However, this research is beginning to pay off as I have a much better understanding of how Pluto will work. With that said, updates are underway for the App Runtime model, as well as the boot sequence. Unfortunately, I am unable to go into much detail as it would jeopardize the project.

Pluto is available to select people at pluto.stretch.wtf. Preview applications are not open at this time, but will be in the future. Pluto will continue to be in development for likely the next coming years.

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